2 Guys Burgers


 About 2 Guys Burgers 

2 Guys Burgers started as a Food Truck in 2016 by Pete Poulos. His amazing burger creations and great service saw the truck gathering a huge following, attracting a crowd wherever they went.

Once Pete decided that 2 Guys needed a permanent home, the decision was made to open the shop at Engadine. Although somewhat out of the way, our die-hard fans still flock in each week. Some to see what new specials we can cook-up, and some that just love our classic menu.

At the start of 2019, 2 Guys was bought by Bob from Fired Up BBQ. The 2 companies had worked together many times before, and it made sense to mesh them together. Moving forward, 2 Guys and Fired Up will work more and more together, with a view to merging permanently........As soon as we can get a smoker set up in the shop! Until then, Fired Up will pop up at the shop as often as possible. Keep an eye on the Facebook and Instagram pages to see when this is happening.

OPT Parramatta Pty Ltd Trading as Fired Up BBQ & 2 Guys Burgers

ABN 83 124 415 738

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